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How a Home Generator Works

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The residential market has seen a substantial increase in demand for generators. Today’s residential generators are better and less costly than generators of the past, making them smart, affordable options for most homeowners.

Our 40-plus years of commercial generator experience has led us to choose Briggs & Stratton equipment as our residential brand. This brand provides reliability equivalent to commercial-grade equipment. Briggs & Stratton equipment offers a whole-home system that provides power to more of your home’s appliances using a smaller, more affordable generator.

FM Generator is a full-service provider offering turnkey residential installations. Working with contractors experienced in generator installations, we are uniquely positioned to be your one-stop shopping solution for residential backup power. Along with warranty services, we offer a preventative maintenance program for residential equipment. This program ensures reliability of your generator well beyond the warranty period.

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Briggs 8-10KW Spec Sheet

Briggs 8-10KW Spec Sheet

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Briggs 12KW Spec Sheet

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Finally a solution that allows you to power more of your home with a smaller, more efficient generator. Synchronized with the Symphony® II transfer switch, the Briggs & Stratton low voltage dual module controls any two thermostatically-controlled appliances (like two AC units) during a power outage. The module can be installed inside of your home and does not require any additional wiring. It comes with a 3-year limited warranty*.

This module, combined with our Symphony II power management transfer switch allows you to select and prioritize your appliances for a custom solution to meet your needs.

Features & Benefits:

Stratton Symphony® II Low Voltage Dual Module

  • Will only work w/ Briggs & Stratton Symphony II Transfer Switch Manage 2 Thermostatically Controlled Appliances (HVAC)
  • Automatically balances your home’s power needs during outages NEMA 4 Enclosure
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor installations For HVAC Systems & Low Volatge Contractor-Controlled Appliances
  • Hardwired to 13=20VAC power and the managed device(s) *Note – Not Compatible w/ 8kW (16-Circuit) or Pre-Wired Switches

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Power Telematics Generator Remote Monitoring

Power Telematics Generator Remote Monitoring lets you be in control of your standby generator no matter where you go. Power Telematics is the next-generation mobile monitoring system that lets you monitor your generator’s status from your computer, tablet or smart phone.

Compatible with any  standby generator system manufactured ,Power Telematics keeps you informed of the generator’s status and maintenance needs. It even sends you service schedule reminders.

Features & Benefits:

  • Customize how your generator communicates with you and your servicing dealer
  • Stay informed on your generator’s status no matter where you are
  • User friendly web platform for easy navigation
  • Easily installed

Monitor your Generator status of your generator from anywhere with Power Telematics! Better yet, let us do it for you!!  For more information on Generator Remote Monitoring or for a quote, call FM Generator at 833-367-7697 or email us at