Generator Bulk Buying Info for Builders & Contractors

Supporting professionals with generator equipment & expertise

Builders & contractorsyou know that different projects require different solutions --- and flexibility is key. You don’t really want to have to think about generators. You have bigger fish to fry. We are here to support your generator needs throughout your project --- in whatever way that you prefer.

  • Maybe you don’t go with us for generator installation --- but you do choose us for maintenance. 
  • Maybe you don’t do maintenance with us --- but you choose us for buying Automatic Transfer Switches. 
  • Maybe you just want to buy some generators from us --- that’s great too!
  • Maybe you want a full turnkey solution with the works --- more power to ya!

We can do everything from just selling equipment (generators, automatic transfer switches, etc.) all the way up to full turnkey.  Save by buying ATS units in bulk for your next project. Your home-buyers will love that they already have the hookup. 

Doing most of the work yourself? We can just supply the equipment and come and turn it on!

Our experts know what you want, when you need it, and can deliver that to you. And the more we work together, the easier it gets in the future. 

Julie Ward is the initial point person for all of our large new residential generator projects at FM Generator. Julie will walk you through pricing, setup, delivery, other logistics, etc. 

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When you work with generator pros:

  • Your job is just a little bit easier
  • You have less to worry about
  • You can focus on other things
  • You’ll add value to the home(s) or commercial properties.

We work with builders & contractors across New England and down to New Jersey.

Builders, electrical contractors, other home professionals --- when you’re ready --- give our experts a call at 800-253-6617, or use our contact form or chat feature here on our site.  

Residential contractors, we are ready and fully capable to work with you! We'll sell you the generator and handle ongoing preventative maintenance, you'll handle the installation process.