FM Generator sells a variety of Generator Products and Generator Services. FM Generator is here 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to assist you with any generator service, generator sales, and backup power service and sales questions. Below is a list of the Generator and backup power Products and Services we offer!

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• Commercial and Residential Generator Sales
With over 40 years of experience, FM Generator sells reliability and safety with our line of Commercial and Residential generator and backup power solutions. Whether a homeowner, business, municipality or Contractor, Standby or Portable Generator, FM Generator has the solutions for your entity. With our current climate, Covid-19, and Social Distancing, a generator is a great solution to ensure your home or business always remains safe and running.  For information on Residential Generators, visit our  Generators-Residential Products page.  For more information on Commercial Generators, visit our Generators-Commercial Products page.

• Generator Transfer Switch Sales
 FM Generator offers a variety of generator transfer switches to work with your generator. Our transfer switches are designed to identify when a power outage occurs in your home and business and switch over to your generator backup power solution without any effort on your part.  Check out our residential products at our  Generators-Residential Products page and our Commercial Transfer Switch products at Generators-Commercial Products

• Generator Light Tower Sales
o Generator Light Towers provide a unique opportunity to host events or work on construction sites during day and night. Visit Generators-Commercial Products to view the Light Tower products and offers FM Generator.

• Generator Startup and Warranty Services
o As a full turnkey company, FM Generator believes not just in generator sales and installation and startup, but also ensuring your home or business generator is taken care of for life. FM Generator will install and startup your generator. Also, we provide generator preventative maintenance to ensure your generator runs well and we take care of any generator warranty service.  FM Generator works with major generator manufacturers to make sure you are covered under your specific warranty. 

Generator Rental Options
o FM Generator’s Generator Rental Program provides a variety of options for your company, business, event, or construction site. As experts in generators for over 40 years, we deliver a variety of generator sizes, and the expertise to deliver and startup the rental generator quickly and to remain flexible with the time frame the rental generator must be on the property. For More information on our services, please check out FM Generator’s Generator Rentals page.

• Generator Preventative Maintenance
o FM Generator offers a variety of Commercial and Residential generator preventative maintenance programs. These generator preventative maintenance programs ensure reliability of your generator.   Early generator detection can prevent larger issues from forming or breaking in the generator. FM Generator has over 40 years of generator service experience and can work on any make and model of equipment.  

• Generator Remote Monitoring Services
o  FM Generator recognizes the need for homes and businesses to keep an eye on their generators, but from a safe distance. Generator Remote Monitoring offers a solution for homes and businesses to monitor a generator while sitting at the comfort of your home. Check out what Remote Monitoring can do for you at Generators-Commercial Products or Generators-Commercial Products.

• Generator Load Bank Testing
o To determine and ensure generators meet compliance or to help the lifespan of the generator, FM Generator offers a variety of Generator Load Bank Tests. Generator Load Bank Test results will show whether a generator can run at the load for which it is rated, meeting either customer requests or mandatory test requirements. 

• Generator Building Load Testing
o  FM Generator can perform a generator Building Load Test. A Generator Building Load Test will simulate a power outage using the connected load from the generator to the building. This ensures the generator will provide backup power to the connected loads when it is needed.

• Generator Fueling Service
o FM Generator are proud to supplier of diesel fuel for your generator. Wherever and whenever you need it, fill up your diesel fuel tank on a new generator or top off the fuel on an existing unit. FM Generator provides a reliable, cost effective choice for generator fueling. 

• Generator Fuel Polishing
o FM Generator offers fuel polishing to generators with diesel fuel. Fuel filtration systems ensure degraded fuel does not damage your diesel generator. Fuel polishing eliminates water build up and sludge in diesel fuel tanks reduces the cost of filter maintenance and provides continuous operation for your emergency power systems. FM Generator owns its own generator fuel polishing machine, so we will clean your fuel and ensure reliability for your generator.

Generator Fluid Sampling – Oil / Fuel / Coolant
o Over the past few years, the generator industry has moved toward a higher frequency of generator fluid testing. Testing generator fluids can detect early issues with a generator and prevent major issues and decay. FM Generator is on the forefront of these generator fluid testing. FM Generator has the necessary testing equipment to provide accurate, fast results in a quick time frame while saving you money. 

Generator Refurbishment
o When a generator is not at the end of serviceable life, but needs a face lift, consider FM Generator ‘s refurbishment program. With this specialty service, FM Generator cleans up rust on the generator and gives the generator a fresh coat of paint, making the generator enclosure look and act like new in the harshest outdoor weather conditions.

In-House Generator Radiator Rebuilds
o FM Generator installed a unique generator radiator rebuild service allows you to minimize costs of replacing an entire generator by rebuilding the generator radiator and cooling system. If you suspect your radiator may need to be looked at, feel free to reach out to FM Generator and we will explore options generator radiator services and how we can maximize savings while ensuring your generator reliability.

Generator Disaster Relief and Recovery
o FM Generator ensures that large generators and small generators remain fueled and fully operational from the beginning to end of an outage. As an Emergency Generator company, FM Generator is available to help during a natural disaster, severe weather event, man-made incident or a simple power outage. FM Generator is here to provide you peace of mind during any situation including our current Covid-19 crisis. 

Specialty Generator Parts Sales
o FM Generator understands the challenges involved with active legacy equipment. To keep it functioning, FM Generator offers a variety of re-manufactured, rebuilt, and new-in-box replacement parts. We provide specialty parts for most generators and automatic transfer switches manufactured over the last 40 years.